Coaching is available in the following disciplines:

1. Vocal Music


Indian Carnatic Classical Music
Indian Hindustani Classical Music
Western Vocal

  2. Instrumental Music

Electronic Organ

» Wind Instrument

Flute (Indian Camatic Classical)

» String Instrument

» Percussion Instrument

Guitar (Rock/Spanish/Bass/Classical)
Violin (Indian Camatic Classical/Westem)

Tabala Ondian) Mridangam
Drums (ConventionallElectronic)

  3. Dance - Oriental Indian Classical Dance
» Indian Classical Dance » Folk Dance

Kuchupudi & Kathak

Cinematic & Indian Traditional Folk
  4. Dance - Western

Rap, Free Style
Rhythm & Blues
Hip hop

Cha cha cha
  4. Art and Crafts

Water Colour
Oil Pastels
Chalk Pastels
Pot Painting
Ceramic on Pots

Paper Crafts
Glass Painting
Oil Painting
Different Techniques in Art
Flower making




Children are trained to appear for periodical examinations, both the­ory and practical, conducted by Trinity College of Music, London. The examination fee payable will be in accordance with prevailing tariff.




Eligible students are given chances to perform on stage particularly on the occasion of the annual celebrations of the institute. Sruthi also undertakes to arrange music shows for stage and social functions.




Instruments required for instrumental music classes will be available at the institute. Students are strongly recommended to provide them­selves with instruments for practice at home.

Classes are held both morning and evening. Coaching for subjects will be held two times a week for a duration of one hour. Fees, which are payable on a monthly basis, vary according to the subject. No refund will be made for classes unattended. Remittance of fees must be made within the tenth of each month. Transport is available at a nominal fee. A team of well qualified and experienced tutors ensure that coaching given strictly conforms to standards. This indeed is the hallmark of Sruthi Music and Dance Institute.